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CMPS 3420 textbook (from Fall 2007): Fundamentals of Database Systems (ISBB:0-13-608620-9/987-0-688620-8), 6th Edidtion, by Elmasri & Navathe, published by Addison Wesley.

To be able to use Oracle thin JDBC driver and to use java email related classes and interfaces, add the following directories into CLASSPATH environment variable: /usr/java1.2/lib1.2/classes12.zip:/usr/opt/java121:/usr/opt/java121/javamail-1.1.3/mail.jar:/usr/opt/java121/jaf-1.0.1/activation.jar: On sumatra, the mail.jar (JavaMail 1.3) and activation.jar files are in /usr/j2se/lib/mail.jar and /usr/dt/appconfig/sdtpdasync/classes/activation.jar repectively.
Notice that the lastest mail.jar and activation.jar files may be at different locations from what are listed here. Try to find paths of these two files first and add the paths in the CLASSPATH environment variable.

If you try to use PUTTY to telnet/connect to sleipnir at home or any machine at CSUB without heilios being saved in the "Saved Sessions", you can add sleipnir to the saved sesssion in 4 steps; (1) Put "sleipnir.cs.csubak.edu" or "" in "Host Name (or IP address)" box, (2), select SSH as connection type. (3) type a "sleipnir" or any other string under the "Saved Sessions", (4) Click "Save" button.

Syllabi & Assignmnets
Class/HW# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
CMPS 3390 Java Adv. Prgramming ...
Winter/Summer Break Study Guide
for the break you take cmps 3390.
CMPS 3390 Advanced Java
Java vs. C++
Java Syntax (partial)

Assig. 1: Review of C++
Due 1/28/19
Assig. 2: Java OOP
Assign. 3: Aarray and Coding
Assign. 4: List Structures
Due: 2/16
Assign. 5: Hashtable
Due: 3/9
Assign. 6: Classic
Synchronizatioon Problems

Due: 3/19
Assign. 7: Chatroom

Due: 5/2
Assign. 8: online help Due 5/18/2020 by 5:00 PM
It is individual final project. Individual presentation
is on May 18, 2020 from 5:00 -- 7:30 pm.
The project file is due before presentations.
Also please notice the followings
(1) Pick up a port number begining with '9' and
ending with last 3 digits of CSUB ID.
(2) Make a command file named "doIt" which
compiles programs and run server once,
client 3 times as background jobs.
(3) Add the "doIt" command file in your zip file
and the zip file's format "3390_JDoe_08.zip".
CMPS 3420 Database Systems
Winter/Summer Break Study Guide
for the break before you take cmps3420.
CMPS 3420 Database Systems
Syllabus &&
Documentation Requirement
phase I: Info. Gethering
and ER-Modelling

Due ...
Lab 1: Get ready
Date ...

Form 2-person team and work as team for the quarter.
Send your project to hwang@csub.edu
Use last 4 digits of ID to read your grades and comments.
Verify your email address registered with CUSB.
Lab 2: Use E-R model to design a conceptual database.
Midterm Date ...
Phase II: Relation
vs. E-R Model

Due ...

Lab 3: Study the reasons and methods of converting ER to Relational Database. Lab on Relational Algebra
Lab 4: Answer the Hotel related queries in Relational Algebra.
Lab 5: Answer the Hotel related queries in Relational Calculus.
Phase III: Implementation of
Relational Database
Due ...

SQL/Plus Commands

Oracle Create Table

Oracle Table Creation 1 2 3 4 5

Oracle 8.0 Data Types

Comparisons of ANSI and Oracle Data Types
Phase IV: Stored Procedures
Due ...

PL SQL Files
Final Phase: User Interface Design and Implementation
(1) Make sure you answer each of the 4 questions in your final report.
(2) Put your major and track by your name on the front page of the project document.
Final Presentation:
May/19/2019 Sunday (1:00pm ... ) Room 311 or 315 if 311 is too hot.
Phases received:

How to hand in your assignment:
1. Name your source file that contains main/entry code as XYyyydd.cpp or XYyyydd.java, where X is the your first initial, Yyyy are the first 4 letters of your last name, and dd are the 2-digit number indicating the assignment number. If the assigment number is less than 10, pad it with zero.
2. Put all source files for that homework in a subdirectory.
3. Zip all your source files (no binary/executable files) into a zip file with the command of the format: $ zip XYyyydd.zip *.cpp *.h. where X, Y and d have the the meanings defined above. Please notice that '$' is OS command prompt; don't type '$' before the command 'zip'.
4. (1) Use 'pine' to send your zip file (named XYyyydd.zip) to hwang@csub.edu, (2) Type the zip file name and course number as the Attachment Comment.

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