Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Picture of S. Jafarzadeh Dr. Saeed Jafarzadeh, Assoc. Professor, Chair
Science III 327 phone: (661) 654-6005
Erika Barnes, Administrative Support Coordinator
Science III 317 phone: (661) 654-3082

Picture of M. Danforth Dr. Melissa Danforth, Professor
Science III 319 phone: (661) 654-3180

Picture of S. Garcia Steve Garcia, System Administrator & Lecturer
Science III 332 phone: (661) 654-6748

Picture of W. Li Dr. Wei Li, Professor
Science III 338 phone: (661) 654-6747
Picture of A. Cruz Dr. Albert Cruz, Asst. Professor
Science III 334 phone: (661) 654-3142
Picture of C. Lei Dr. Chengwei Lei, Asst. Professor
Science III 339 phone: (661) 654-2102
Dr. Anthony Bianchi, Asst. Professor
Science III 330 phone: (661) 654-2404
Dr. Ehsan Reihani, Asst. Professor
Science III 325 phone: (661) 654-3956
Picture of V. On Dr. Vincent On, Asst. Professor
Science III 329
Picture of N. Toothman Dr. Nick Toothman, Asst. Professor
Science III 322
Dr. Kanwal Gagneja, Asst. Professor
Picture of M. Abdelrehim Dr. Mostafa Abdelrehim, Asst. Professor
Picture of A. Malek Dr. Amin Malek, Asst. Professor
Picture of M. Golmohamdi Dr. Marcia Golmohamadi, Asst. Professor
Picture of H. Lin Henry Lin, Equipment Technician
Science III 331 phone: (661) 654-2825
Picture of G. Griesel Gordon Griesel, Lecturer
Science III 337 phone: (661) 654-2763
Picture of M. Sarr Michael Sarr, Lecturer
Science III 336
Jay Manibo, Lecturer
Science III 321 phone: (661) 654-2819
Picture of W. Morales Walter Morales, Lecturer
Weiguo James Luo, Lecturer
Science III 336
Stephen Mellor, Lecturer
Science III 336
Amber Zaragoza, Lecturer
Science III 129
Picture of S. Sheibani Shahrzad Sheibani, Lecturer
Science III 336
Jason Forsythe, Lecturer
Sean Fontes, Lecturer
Picture of M. Thomas Dr. Marc Thomas, Emeritus Professor (retired)
Picture of D. Meyers Donna Meyers, Emeritus Lecturer (retired)
Picture of A. Wani Dr. Arif Wani, Professor (retired)
Picture of H. Wang Dr. Huaqing Wang, Emeritus Professor (retired)