Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Free Downloads and MSDN Software

Microsoft Academic Alliance (MSDN)

The Cal State Bakersfield Computer Science department has a subscription to the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance program. This entitles our students free access to certain Microsoft products.

To download a Microsoft CD, you must log on to the MSDNAA website. In order to log on, you must obtain a logon account (in advance) from Steve Garcia. Send an email to Steve ( from your mail address. Your logon ID will be your email address, and because this privilege is limited to CompSci students, we will only create accounts for email addresses in the domain. Once you log on, you may select one of the titles that are represented by the icons on the page, or you may choose from the drop down list. Some products are set up for you to download over the internet and some you can purchase for the cost of media from Microsoft. In all cases, the required serial number will be sent to you via email from MSDNAA.

The preferred method of obtaining software is by downloading. If you are downloading using Firefox (recommended) you should be aware that the file you download from the MSDNAA site should be renamed to have an .exe ending to make it executable. That program is the actual downloader that will download your requested program. In most cases you will end up with an ISO image in your temporary directory. You will need a CD burning program that can handle ISO images. I strongly recommend ImgBurn. ImgBurn is freeware and works very well.

Also note that some products require multiple CDs. You must select each CD for checkout when you reserve the product.

VMware Academic Program

We have a similar program for VMware products. You must log on to the VMAP website using the username and password acquired as above for the MSDNAA program. Send Steve an email from you sleipnir account.

Site License for Mathematica

CSUB has a site license for Mathematica from Wolfram. Details on how to get your copy.

C++ compilers

Telnet and SSH Clients

  • PuTTY: a small, free telnet and ssh client.
  • Install Cygwin below and add the ssh client
  • Install the Linux for Windows subsystem in Windows 10 (below) and install openssh.

X11 Clients


  • Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows.
  • Mozilla 1.7.12: open source browser suite
  • ImgBurn An excellent cd burning application for Windows
  • Firefox: open source web browser
  • WinSCP: open source scp client (also supports secure ftp)
  • Notepad++:An Open Source Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting, Syntax Folding for Windows. Supported languages: C, C++, Java, C#, XML, HTML, PHP, Javascript, RC resource file, makefile, ASCII art file, doxygen, ini file, batch file, ASP, VB/VBS, SQL, Objective-C, CSS, Pascal, Perl, Python, Lua, TCL, Assembler, Ruby, Lisp, Scheme, Properties, Diff, Smalltalk, Postscript and VHDL.
  • Ubuntu ISO image: Ubuntu is a distro of Linux geared towards being user friendly. This verison runs entirely from the CD like KNOPPIX, but you have the option to install it to the disk if you choose.
  • How to Install Linux for Windows on Windows 10