Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Science Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

2a. Engage in the productive practice of computer science to identify and solve significant real world problems across a broad range of application areas.
2b. Ethically apply their computer science knowledge and skills with an understanding of realistic constraints for the overall benefit of a diverse society.
2c. Enhance the economic well-being of both Kern County and the State of California through a combination of technical expertise, social responsibility, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
2d. Effectively define, lead, and manage computer science projects to deliver timely results.

Computer Science Enrollments and Graduates

Academic Year Number of Majors Number of Graduates
2005/06 135 18
2006/07 143 16
2007/08 132 17
2008/09 120 17
2009/10 129 9
2010/11 158 13
2011/12 168 25
2012/13 172 22
2013/14 185 27