Part-Time Lecturer

I enjoy teaching. I started in Fall 2013 at the request of the department and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I try to use real-world examples and try to bring my experience when discussing software and programming.

Full-Time Software Developer

For almost twenty years, I've worked in the industry as a software developer. I've written software for PCs that accessed serial port devices, temperature/pressure transducers, other gauge peripherals. I've written software for single workstations, client-server environments, various database backends. I've written web-based software for internal LANs and public-facing sites. I've also been a corporate trainer helping users on how to use software I've created (Hmm, sounds like I was teaching).

Big-Time Tennis Player

If I'm not spending time with family or working, I'll probably be on a tennis court. This is my hobby. This is my workout. This is my stress relief. It keeps me sane.

Shutter Clicker

My other creative outlet is photography. I'm on the Canon camp.


There was a time in my not-too-distant past that I taught acting classes for commercials and television (There it is again -- teaching!)