CMPS 2010 - Fall 2019

Programming Fundamentals (4 Units)

Introduces the fundamentals of procedural programming and object-oriented programming. Topics include: data types, control structures, functions, arrays, I/O, pointers and dynamic memory allocation, and features of object-oriented programming. The mechanics of compiling, linking, running, debugging and testing within a particular programming environment are covered. Ethical issues and a historical perspective of programming within the context of computer science as a discipline are given. Each week lecture meets for 150 minutes and lab meets for 150 minutes.

Prerequisite: (1) MATH 0930; or (2) other satisfaction of the Entry Level Mathematics requirement.

Class Schedule

Meets: MW 1730-1845 in Science III, Rm 311

1730-1845 Lecture Lecture
1900-2015 Lab Lab