Week 12

Notes 12

Cookies and Sessions

  • Cookie - small piece of information that scripts can store on a client-side machine
  • Set-Cookie: name=value; [expires=date;] [path=path;] [domain=domain_name;] [secure;] [HttpOnly]
    bool setcookie(string name [,string val [,int expire=0 [,string path [,string domain [,int secure=false] [,int httponly=false] ]]]])


  • Session - session ID cookie stored on client-side machine, server-side session variables are stored with relation to session ID
  • 1) Start session 2) SET session vars 3) Use session vars 4) UNSET session vars and destroy session
  • session_start()
  • $_SESSION['myvar'] = 5;
  • if(isset($_SESSION['myvar'])){//session and var is set}
  • unset($_SESSION['myvar']); or $_SESSION = array();
  • session_destroy();

User Authentication (Form + Database)

Hashed Passwords