Steve Garcia - Computer Science

California State University - Bakersfield

Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Operating System Analyst
Steve Garcia
Office Hours:  Math/Computer Science (SCI III) 332
Phone:  654-6748    Note: Send an email if you need a response. I probably won't get your phone message.

SCI 3209 Spring 2023 Computers And Society
SCI 3209 Fall 2022 Computers And Society
SCI 3209 Spring 2022 Computers And Society
SCI 3209 Fall 2021 Computers And Society
SCI 3209 Spring 2021 Computers And Society
SCI 3209 Fall 2020 Computers And Society
CompSci 2650 Fall 2019 Intro to Unix and Basic Unix System Administration

Useful Links:
Password Generator If you need help selecting a secure password that you might actually remember!
MSDNAA MSDN Academic Alliance download site. They keep changing the name. The newest name is "Dev Tools for Teaching." This is for Computer Science students only. Follow this link. Use your odin email address to sign up, e.g., -- after a fairly complicated procedure you will end up with a Microsoft account that can download software. If you already have a Microsoft account, you need to link it with the Dev Tools for Teaching via your odin account.
VMware Academic Program VMware Academic Alliance download site. Check with me about an account. This is for Computer Science students only.
Wolfram Academic Program CSUB has a site license for Mathematica. This link should really be on the campus web page, but, you know, campus web page. Obligitory XKCD.
BIND 9 Administration Documents
Encode your email on your web page to prevent Spam email harvesters
Clamwin Free Antivirus Anti Virus - ClamAV is a free antivirus solution. It is "Free" in every sense -- it is licensed under the GPL. It features a scanning scheduler and automatic updates, but it does not do real-time scanning in the background.
AVG Free Edition Anti Virus - This is a link to the download page of the free edition of AVG Antivirus. It is free to home users, but you must register with them so they can send you a key to unlock it. All basic features work, including automatic updates, etc. For advanced features you must buy the full version.
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer if ya gotta run Microsoft, run this.
Interesting links:
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Will there be a "Singularity"? Vernor Vinge on the coming Singularity of human knowlege.
Our Moodle site CEECS courseware portal.
A Comparison of apples and oranges.
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DRM Digital Restrictions Management
Linux is Not Windows A good discussion for people contemplating Linux for the first time.
Calibre How to convert non-Kindle files so Kindle can read them.