ls, cp, cd, mkdir Simple File Commands basics of using the vim editor Simple VI Commands Using the Atom Editor Atom Logging using the logging library, how and why logging diagnosing with logging more diagnostics Scope and lifespan of variables scope Functions why so many types Pass By Value Functions Functions PBV Pass By Reference Functions Functions PBR Pass By Pointer Functions Functions PBP Template Functions template lab Static Function Variables static Function Overloading Function Overloading Catching Exceptions Catching Exceptions Pointers, Dynamic Memory and Arrays Pointer Arithmatic Functions with array pointers resizing arrays constructors and dynamic arrays resing arrays static vs dynamic arrays Array manipulation and sorting sorting quicksort sorting on a 3$ computer using sizeof function with arrays Classes inheritance static and friend functions template classes static class members Polymorphism 1 Polymorphism 2 Operator Overloading operator overloading Containers What is a stack? Standard Template Library Introduction
std::vector, std::list
stl overview