if you do not have and assignments directory in you home directory, go to a command line and paste the following

you will be prompted for you password, enter it and press return to continue

There is now a folder already created for EVERY lab and homework.

A folder will be created in your home directory called "assignments"
do not change the ownership or permissions of this folder or any of its subfolders
in ~/assignments there will be directories for your class

in each class directory there is a lab and hw (homework) directory
in each of these are numbered directories for each assignment


and so forth

the time stamp of the file will verify the time you submitted it.
it is easy for you to verify that you have submitted it, just browse there and look. (ls -l) or just list it from your current dirctory
ls -l ~/assignments/cmps2020/labs/lab03/

it is your responsibity to make sure all the files neede for your assignments are there and they compile with the commands 'make clean; make'
after you work on a lab or homework BE SURE TO LOGOUT.
Do not simply close the terminal or putty application. Type exit when you wish to close your session to sleipnir with the exit command, part of the loggout process will run a script to set the file permissions of your assignments directory so faculy can compile, run and grade your files
when you logout properly you should see the following message, if not please ask the instructor for assistance in lab


 setting  the permissions of your ~/assignments directory

In summary, to be sure you get credit for your work
1. make sure all your function names and parameters match the assignment description, make sure you name all the files the exact names given in the assignments
2. make sure you are in the proper directory, make sure it compiles and runs
3. be sure to logout of sleipnir and that you see the message "setting  the permissions of your ~/assignments directory"