CSUB Computer Science - Michael Sarr
No data passed in: please paste text from data scructure ToString here
it must be in a format like 

node:0xd81120 data:10 right:0 left:0
node:0xd81100 data:20 right:0xd810e0 left:0xd81120
node:0xd810e0 data:30 right:0 left:0
node:0xd810c0 data:40 right:0xd811c0 left:0xd81100
node:0xd811c0 data:41 right:0 left:0
node:0xd811e0 data:42 right:0xd81260 left:0xd810c0
node:0xd81200 data:43 right:0 left:0
node:0xd81220 data:44 right:0 left:0xd81200
node:0xd810a0 data:50 right:0xd812a0 left:0xd81220
node:0xd812c0 data:55 right:0 left:0
node:0xd812a0 data:56 right:0xd81280 left:0xd812c0
node:0xd81280 data:57 right:0 left:0
node:0xd81260 data:58 right:0xd81140 left:0xd810a0
node:0xd81240 data:59 right:0 left:0
node:0xd81140 data:60 right:0xd81180 left:0xd81240
node:0xd81160 data:70 right:0 left:0
node:0xd81180 data:80 right:0xd811a0 left:0xd81160
node:0xd811a0 data:90 right:0 left:0

Output from ToString()

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