Singly Linked List

copy over all the files provided for you 
the files are in the usual place

For this assignment you will create a  Template Singly Linked List

Run the Example Program to see the Singly Linked List in action 

your job is to duplicate the action of the example

you will use this as the model for all your node based template containers, ie the next few homework assignments

for tonight's lab you Will complete the Constructor,Insert and ToString functions


test files have been provided for you make sure you program output matches the examples
when you redirect in ALL of the test files

since we do not have a destructor to clean up the nodes we created we will have a memory leak
you can see this when you run 
valgrind --leak-check=full ./runme_int  < testfiles/testinput2_int

==7665== LEAK SUMMARY:
==7665==    definitely lost: 16 bytes in 1 blocks
==7665==    indirectly lost: 112 bytes in 7 blocks
==7665==      possibly lost: 0 bytes in 0 blocks