Operator Overloading

you will need in addition to the files provided for you  .h and .cpp files for the DynamicArray class

you will add the following functions to overload the operators +,= and ==

File: functions_to_add.txt 

// private data members
//publc functions

    compare two DynamicArray objects for equality
    two objects are equal if
      the capacity of both objects is the same
      the arrays of the two objects contain the same values
      to test the equality of the arrays it will require a for loop
      to compare all the values
    bool operator == (const DynamicArray & );

    copy all the elements in the array from the RHS object into LHS (this)  object

    note if the capacity of the RHS is larger than the left you will need to re size the array of the LHS object
    to do this: delete the dynamic arrray data, set data to a new array the same capacity as the right hand side Dynamic array
    use a for loop to copy the elements from rhs.data to data
    set the  capacity to be the capacity of the RHS object
    return the LHS object  ( *this )
    DynamicArray & operator = (const DynamicArray & );

       returns a DynamicArray object that has all the elements of both the LHS (this) and the RHS objects
       1. create a temporary DynamicArray object , its size will be the sum of the capacity of LHS + RHS
       2. copy the values from LHS into the temp object
       3. copy the values from RHS into the temp object
       4. return the temp object
    DynamicArray  operator + (const DynamicArray & );

a Makefile,example and four mains have been provided for you make sure the output to the console and the logfile match for all of the examples