Static and Friend Functions

Static Variables In Functions

Static Class Data Members

Static and Friend Functions

in addition to the files provided for you copy over your Computer.h and Computer.cpp from the previous lab

you will be making some additions to the Computer class

static int count

you will add the private static member count
it will be of type integer
initialize the data member to 0
increment the count in all of the constructors
decrement count in the destructor
create a public accessor function named GetCount

friend functions
create the following functions these functions will NOT be part of the class they will be friend functions
note: to compare a class you will multiple the number of cores x processor speed you will use this result 
as the base to compare with  so two Computers can be either <, > or == 

bool Greater(const Computer & , const Computer & )
bool Less(const Computer & , const Computer & )
bool Equal(const Computer & , const Computer & )

A Makefile,example  and a test main has been provided for you

your output to the console and to the logfile MUST match the example