Hash Tables

You will add the remaining function bodies ot Hash_stu.cpp for the Functions defined in Hash.h
in your lab you only completed a few of them

use a for loop to set the entire array to EMPTY_VALUE

log start and end 

does the count==0

does the count == MAX_CAPACITY

return true or false if the value was found

add a value to the hastable

remove a value from the hashtable

copy over all the files provided for you in the Homework directory then copy  ONLY  Hash_stu.cpp,Hash.h and your main from your lab 

you want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE you are  not using the Hash.o and Makefile from the lab, DO NOT copy over Hash.o

When searching, inserting or deleting from the hash table you will use the following order 
to resolve the correct position in the hashtable

1st position   hash1 % MAX_CAPACITY 
2nd position   hash2 % MAX_CAPACITY 
3rd position   (hash2 +5) % MAX_CAPACITY 
4th position   (hash2 +10) % MAX_CAPACITY   
5th position   (hash2 +15)  % MAX_CAPACITY
and so on

when you are searching or deleting you keep looking till you find the value you are looking for or an empty position
when you are insering you will look for the first empty or deleted position

NOTE why mod with MAX_CAPACITY, so it starts over again at the start
if you keep adding 5 every time you dont find a position you can use eventualy it will be greater than MAX_CAPACITY
so as soon as it is greater it will start back at 0  if you use % MAX_CAPACITY