Static and Friend Functions

copy over the DynamicArray files from your previous homework we will be expanding on it
make sure your classes work properly before trying to expand upon them.

there are are different mains here to test the added functionality

you will want to add a private static member called object_count
and a public accessor function GetObjectCount

the object_count member will be initialized to 0
it will be incremented in the constructor;
and decremented in the destructor

create a copy constructor
DynamicArray(const DynamicArray &)
after the constructor is done your class should
have an array the same size as the DynamicArray passed in as the parameter
the capacity should be the same and the array should contain the same values

you will also create a function , it will need to be declared as a friend inside the class

string CreateXML(const DynamicArray & );

use the ToString() function as a guide 
you will want your output to be in the form of 
File: sample_xml.txt 


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a Makefile as well as 3 sample mains have been provided to test your class MAKE NO CHANGES to the mains and when you compile your code it should match the 3 runable examples exactly make sure the output of the provided main matches the example provided make sure the output of the log file matches as well , you need to implement logging