Is there an example? generally yes most assignemnts have a runable example called "example1" or "example2" when you copy over all the files you start with there will be runable examples for the vast majority of labs and homework assignments If it is unclear email me and ask. ------------------------------------------ Can I work on my code on my computer at home? yes. You can work on your code on another linux machine or windows using whatever your favorite IDE is. The assignment must compile and run on sleipnir in proper directory it should be a matter of typing "make; ./runme" to get it to run as this is how it will be tested there is a video on how to use notepad++ in the video section ------------------------------------------- The directions dont seem to match the example. make your program match the behavior of the example, sometimes a text description does not express clearly the expected behaviour. ------------------------------------------- when I start vi it keeps asking me if I want to edit or restore a file, what do I do? select restore, then exit normaly. issue "ls -lah" you should see a file with a similar name that starts with . and ends in .swp or .swo or some thing similar. delete these files ------------------------------------- Disk quota exceeded each user on Sleipnir has their own disk space and a quota that limits thier avaialble space if you get the above error you will want to delete any old executables, object files or log files. If you are repeatly getting a huge log file you may want to check that your program does not have an infinfite loop note: to see large files try something like ( 5 largest ) du -a ~ | sort -n -r | head -n 5 or find ~ -type f -size +50M ------------------------------------- the list of errors from the compiler is super long and i cant see the start if you do something like this make 2> temp.txt the output from the complier will be written to the file tmp.txt you can then open this file in vi to find the first error.