Labs and homeworks are designed to teach specific concepts, therefore there are some rules that WILL be strictly enforced
	if you are getting help in the labs you should show these guidelines to the lab assistants

	if you are seeking help in the tutoring lab these rules STILL APPLY!!

	No Global Variables
	All Homework and labs use file logging unless noted otherwise
	No compiler warnings
	All code is 100% your own work, anything that you add to the files provided must you your own creation, any content 
	from any other source in the known galaxy will be considered plagarism.
	Write the functions exaclty as defined in the assignment

	No Global Variables 
	Variables created outside of a function ( main() is a function)  are available in the Global scope.   
	These are generally bad programming practice, The only global variable allowed will be 
	that is used for the logging in you programs.
	any other global variables that you are not EXPLICITY instructed to create will result in a 0 for the assignment

	if the assignment lists prototypes for functions write the function matching that prototype. 
	Do not change the data type of any parameters
	do not add any additional parameters    
	if you do not use one or more of the parameters of a function prototype you are doing it wrong ( unless it has default values) 
	ANY FUNCTION you are asked to write in this class will NOT have unused parameters.
	if a function has a return type of anything other than void and you do not return a value it is WRONG
	you will NEVER be asked to write funcitons with a non void return type that do not return a value;

	DO NOT USE COUT and CIN IN YOUR FUNCTIONS,  the ONLY functions that use cout will have "Print" or "Prompt" in the function name, 
	the only functions that will use CIN will have "Prompt" in the name.

	all of your programs will have file logging (UNLESS the assignment EXPLICITY says it is not required)
	you must log the start AND end of every function
	failure to include logging will result in a 0 for the assignment
	If your functions does not return void, use LogReturn  or LogReturnNULL  

    Have your output match the examples
    every lab and homework have runable examples

	your programs must match the examples
	if the example prints ( or logs ) the result of a calculation as 

	"the product of 3 and 4 is 12"

	yours should display 
	"the product of 3 and 4 is 12"
	as well
	the answer is 12

	Do NOT work on these assignments in your root directory 
	none of your files for this class should be in directories that are publicly visible.

	Compile your applications with all the warnings enabled, ( most have a makefile and this should be the default )
	your assignments should NOT have any warnings when I compile them for grading.
	warnings will result in a lower grade.

	be sure to put ALL the requred files in the directory with your assinment.
	I should be able to compile your main1.cpp by simply typing make