Cybersecurity and Networking Research Laboratory

This laboratory is located in Sci III 314. Its purpose is to research network security topics in an isolated network environment. Using virtualization, this network will allow modeling of networks containing several hundred hosts. This will enable a variety of research and educational activities, from "Capture the Flag" and "Red Team, Blue Team" contests for the students to modeling an attack as it moves through a network to developing tools to monitor and prevent attacks.

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Closed Rack Open Rack

This is the heart of the laboratory, the isolated network rack. It is located in the "secured" section of the room, behind the security cage, along with the wiring rack for the entire third floor (not pictured). The rack contains the servers needed to support the virtualization environment. The rack contains the following equipment:

Student Workstations Student Workstations

The lab contains seven student workstations that are connected to the isolated network. Each student workstation runs Mint Linux with VMware Workstation and security related virtual machines. Students will be able to log in to the VMware vSphere server on the rack and create their own virtual machines. Since the laboratory is not connected to the Internet, a printer is also provided in the room.