RevsUp Assignment: Thursday July 23, 2015

Part 1 - Review and MBR (Master Boot Record)

Storage Devices
MBR Overview
MBR Structure
MBR Boot Sequence


We will review file system basics and go over the MBR in some more detail. You will be using your linux virtual machine quite a bit for the next two labs. You may find yourself switching between your host machine to view files and your virtual machine (wheezy). Here is a general procedure for mounting your usb device on wheezy. First make sure to connect your usb device by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the virtual machine window. Then you need to find out what device number the usb drive is. Then you mount it somewhere on the wheezy file system. Here is a picture that illustrates these two steps.

After these two steps my usb device was mounted to the /home/student directory (which i previously created). Now if i move files to this directory they will be saved to my usb drive. If you want to remove the usb device, or switch it to your host machine you must unmount the drive. Enter this command to unmount:
 sudo umount /dev/sdb1 
This assumes that your usb device is usb1, if it is different that you will have to change the command slightly to reflect your own usb device.

Part 2 - Donna's Lab 05

Lab 05


Follow Donna's instructions closely. She has many great links at the top of her page. There are a few things that you will do differently from Donna's lab instructions. Instead of logging onto your sleipnir accounts (which you do not have yet), I will log on to mine and set up the netcast listener. You will each use the following ports for your assignment:
Essentially what is happening here is that you will be piping your output to sleipnir's ip address using a specific port. I will set up all 3 netcat listeners on my own sleipnir account. A listener basically just means that the program will be waiting for something to make a request on the given port they it is "listening" on. I will display my sleipnir account on the projector so you can see what is happening when the listeners recieve the data that you send to them. I will then go to your computers and download the files to your local machines.
As usual, instead of storing your deliverables for this lab on your sleipnir account, simply put then in your local machine's revsup/lab05 directory. Make sure to put the usb1.dd image in your revsup directory as well, because you will be using this image for lab 6.

Part 3 - Donna's Lab 06

Lab 06