Lost and found items
successful returns = 9

Room-311, 4/10/2019, various things left.

Room-311, 4/10/2019, wireless mouse (no USB).

Room-240, 9/12/2018, sunglasses.
Window ledge, 9/14/2018, money.
Identify how much money to claim.
Room-315, 9/6/2018, prescription sunglasses.
Room-315, 5/3/2018, Small flash drive. Identify GB size to claim.
Room-315, 4/27/2018, sunglasses.
Room-315, Fall 2017 semester, cable

Room-315, 4/9/2018, Prescription sunglasses.

The glasses were turned in to UPD by a concerned student.
UPD = University police department.

Room-315, 10/19/2017, flash drive Part of the drive is shown. Identify the rest to claim.
Room-311, October 2016-2018? , prescription glasses
Room-315, 10/24/2018, portable charger.

Room-311, 3/19/2019, recorder.
returned to owner at ssd.

Room-311, 3/18/2019, laptop charger. returned to student.
Room-240, 10/16/2018, computer glasses. Returned safely.
Room-240, 9/24/2018, Microsoft mouse. Reunited with owner.
Room-240, 9/12/2018, mouse. claimed!
Room-315, 4/27/2018, mouse. returned
Room-315, 5/4/2018, Mouse with pad. ---returned to owner---
Room-315, 4/24/2018, pencil sharpener. ---returned to owner---
Room-315, 4/17/2018, mouse. ---returned to owner---
Room-315, 4/9/2018, charger ---returned to owner---
Room-315, Spring semester, charger ---returned to owner---