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CMPS-4350 "Advanced Software Engineering"
Fall 2018   #82560
Thanks students.

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Week Lecture Topics Readings Assignments
1 Intro to Advanced Software Engineering
SRS template
customer list
Project information
Find a customer.
Get a project idea together.
2 Ethics
Code of Ethics
3 Communication
Client server
HTML5 canvas
-was collected-
4 Project
Thursday lab agenda
Javascript frameworks
SRS document
-was collected-
5 Test driven development
Textbook chapter 10
6 lab-6
7 Get organized lab-7
8 Thursday: Taylor's mini-project lab-8 (Taylor)
9 Thursday: David's mini-project lab-9 (David)
10 Thursday: Kasean's mini-project lab-10 (Kasean)
lab-10 scores
11 Thursday: Eduardo's mini-project lab-11 (Eduardo)
12 Thursday: Abdulelah's mini-project lab-12 (Abdulelah)
13 Mystery
14 Semester project presentation
15 Semester project presentation
Final Exam: Friday December 14, 2018 8:00am-10:30am