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CMPS-3480 "Computer Graphics"
Fall 2020   #81298
the delivery mode of this course is
sychronous with zoom

note to my students
be strong
hang in there
we will get through this rough time

some topics that may be covered are shown below
sample project     other samples
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Week Lecture Topics Readings Assignments
1 Intro to computer graphics
Displaying a pixel & image
Points on a circle
RGB color model
jpg gif png ppm
2 Line drawing algorithm
Mouse/display interaction
DDA & Bresenham's
Fundamentals of CG:
  8.1.1 Line Drawing
Through OpenGL:
  14.3 Bresenham's
  Bezier curves
3 Filling areas with color
Inside or outside
barycentric coordinates
Dot product
4 submit project idea
Mon: hw-2 review
Wed: Perlin noise
Fri: quiz
Perlin noise
5 Ray casting
Scene projection
  ray casting
  surface normal
  ray-plane intersect
6 Ray tracing
7 OpenGL graphics
Object transformation
Texture maps
OpenGL textbook
8 OpenGL shaders
OpenGL textbook
9 Terrains in OpenGL
10 Individual Projects
Definition & initiation
12 Affine transformations
Rotation matrix
13 Bresenham's circle
14 No lab this week
Project completion
Final Exam: to be determined