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CMPS-3480 "Computer Graphics"
Fall 2019   #82897
This course starts Monday at noon
room Science-III 240

Look at the sample code and mess with it.

"Computer Graphics Through OpenGL"
is an all-around good book. Read some of it.


sample programs

some rough topics are shown below
--much to learn--

Think about a project you would like to do.
--due at semester end--
syllabus | weeks | textbook | code | scores | laptop | samples
Week Lecture Topics Readings Assignments
1 Intro to computer graphics
Displaying an image
Drawing pixels
RGB color model
2 Drawing a line
Mouse/display interaction
3 Filling areas with color
Inside or outside
4 Movement based on physics
Mass and springs
5 Ray casting
6 Ray tracing
7 OpenGL graphics
Object transformation
8 3D model construction
9 OpenGL shaders
10 Ray tracing recursion
15 Presentation of work
16 Class on Monday
Final Exam: to be determined