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CMPS-2240 "Comp Architecture I: Assembly Language"
First day of class is a Tuesday morning.
Welcome to 2240

A general weekly outline of the course
is shown below.

Our textbooks
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Week Topic Readings Assignments
1 Binary arithmetic
Bit operations
Two's compliment
Binary Arithmetic
Quiz on Friday
2 Arithmetic
Shift & rotate operations
3 Subroutine linkage
Call frames
4 Instruction encoding
Jumps & branching
5 Program optimization
6 Logical operations
Bit-field operations
Condition testing
7 Multiplication
Branch delay slot
8 Intro to x86
9 x86-64 code optimization
10 x86 inlining with C/C++
11 More x86 inlining
12 MIPS file processing
13 Floating-point formats
IEEE 32-bit
14 Recursion
Stack frame
15 Review of solutions
Project completion
16 Monday is a class day
Final Exam: check here for day and time