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CMPS-2010 "Programming I: Fundamentals"
Welcome to 2010

A general weekly outline of the course
is shown below.

Our textbook
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Week Topic Readings Assignments
1 Intro to programming
Linux, our local server
Chapter 1
lab1  lab2
2 The C and C++ languages
Data types and variables
Arithmetic operators
Chapter 2
3 Logic and boolean expressions
Mathematical expressions
Relational & logical operators
Chapter 3
4 Looping, while-loop, for-loop
Menus & input validation
Nested looping
Chapter 4
5 File processing
Libraries and functions
Formatted output: <iomanip>
Chapter 5
6 Functions
Arguments and return types
Passing data by value
Chapter 6
7 Exam week
Review and Exam 1
• All chapters
8 Arrays
Dimensions and initialization
Processing arrays
Chapter 7
9 Sorting an array
Searching an array
Chapter 8
10 Pointers
Variables and pointers
Arrays and pointers
Chapter 9
11 Characters and C-strings
Library functions
String and numeric conversion
Chapter 10
12 Exam week
Exam #2
• All chapters
13 Structured data
Abstract data types
Structs in arrays and functions
Chapter 11
14 Introduction to classes
Object oriented programming
Constructors & member access
Chapter 13
15 Classes continued
Overloading and copy constructors
Dynamic member variables
Chapter 14
16 Monday is a class day
review of all chapters
Final Exam: check here for day and time