Lab1 - cmps2010 Review

The purpose of this lab is to review cmps2010 material on the topics of arrays, functions, pointers, and dynamic memory allocation. For this lab, you will take the given main function and code the missing function definitions to perform as described in the given incomplete code.

How many tests scores do you want to enter? 2
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Test Score #1: 100
Test Score #2: 99
Average Test Score: 99.50

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//Lab 1 cmps2020
#include<iostream> //cin,cout
#include<iomanip>  //setprecision
#include<cstring>  //strlen,strcpy,strcat,strcmp
#include<cctype>   //isalpha,isdigit,isupper,toupper,etc
#include<cstdlib>  //exit
using namespace std;

#define MAX 10

int main() {
    int count, *tests = nullptr;
    float avg=0;
    char response[MAX];
    do {
        do {
            cout << "How many tests scores do you want to enter? ";
            cin >> count;
        }while(!isPositive(count)); // need to define
        tests = allocate(count); // need to define
        if(tests!=nullptr) {
            inputTestScores(tests,count); // need to define
            avg = calcTestAvg(tests, count); // need to define
            displayTestResults(tests, count, avg); // need to define
            deallocate(tests); // need to define
        } else {
            cout << "bad allocation \n";
        cout << "Enter new series of test scores? (yes/no) ";
        cin.getline(response, MAX);
        convertToLowerCase(response, strlen(response)); // need to define
    }while(!strcmp(response, "yes"));


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Which 2010 concept was most challenging for you?
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Congratulations, you've completed this lab. Raise your hand to show me that you've completed or have the source code in the depository directory: /2020_S19/wk1/lab1.cpp

To setup your depository directory, follow the instruction HERE.