Kanic is an android app to request small car maintenance job from nearest workshops.


About Kanic

Kanic is a platform that combines both workshops and customers because a car workshop is one of the biggest field businesses that every car owner needs. However, the majority of customers are facing problems with small labor jobs. Kanic helps users looking for good workshops for car maintenance request for small jobs such as a filter change, oil change, brake services, and so on. Customers can submit a request small labor job to the nearest workshops based on the zip code, and the customers will receive offers from workshops with the price of labor, time of job, and appointment availabilities based on the information provided by the customer.


Check out what you can do with Kanic

Request Maintenance

Request car services from nearest workshops

Receive Offers

Receive offers on jobs from nearest workshops

Payment System

Pay for your service using Google Pay

Get Directions

Get direction to workshops



Our Team

Ali Alherz

Mohanad Algoraibi

Hussain Jafri

Our Advisor