Robotics and Advanced Hardware Lab

Autonymous Robots

amigobot patrolbot

We have 10 autonymous amigobots and one autonymous patrol robot in our robotics lab, SCI III Rm 312. The red amigobots are equipped with sonar sensors that support autonymous navigation. In addition to navigation equipment, the patrol bot has the ability to map an area, which the amigobots can then use. This map of the 3rd floor was produced by the patrol bot.

patrol amigobot
Six amigobots and the lead robot out on patrol.

Instrumentation Control Hardware and Software

inverted pendulum
National Instruments inverted pendulum

Our instrumention lab has an impressive range of National Instruments equipment. The equipment uses labview instrumentation control software. CMPS 432, "Instrumentation, Control, and Data Acquisition," taught for the first time by Dr. Wei Li in Spring 2010, will use the equipment to study analog (and computer-controlled) systems, classical and modern system design methods, s-domain (and z-domain) transfer function models, state space, dynamics of linear systems, and frequency domain analysis and design techniques.