FTP Quick Guide

Guide to Using and Installing WsFTP

WsFTP is an FTP program that will allow you to easily transfer files to and from a remote computer and your PC. If you are in a student lab you do not need to download and install WsFTP. Simply open the Communications folder and click on WsFTP. You may call the Student Technology Help Desk at 661.665-6677 if you need more help than this document provides.

Starting WsFTP

This sample session shows you how to connect to the computer science department's SUN server, sumatra. See below for the addresses of other computers. Pull down the Profile list. If your machine is on the list select that machine, click OK, and enter your Username and Password. If your machine is not on the list follow the steps below.

  1. Profile Name = {leave blank} or select academic
  2. Host/Address = {pick IP address from list below}
  3. Host Type = Auto detect
  4. User ID = {your username}
  5. Make sure the anonymous box is not checked
  6. Click OK
Department		Domain Name     	IP Address
Computer Science     helios.cs.csubak.edu
Computer Science     pegasus.cs.csubak.edu
Computer Science     sumatra.cs.csubak.edu
Academic Computing   academic.csub.edu 

Transferring Files

Downloading means to transfer a file from the remote computer down to your local PC. Uploading means to transfer a file from your PC up to the remote computer. You can move through folders by double clicking on them. You can move up the directory structure by double clicking on the arrow at the top. If you are uploading files to a website you must be in the public_html directory of the remote computer. You should always check the Auto box towards the bottom of the window. When you have the local and remote directories visible on the screen, you can transfer a file in either direction by clicking and dragging the file from one side of the screen to the other. Be sure to transfer text files (*.txt *.html *.js etc...) in ASCII mode and everything else in binary mode.

Downloading and Installing WsFTP at Home

  1. You must be at your computer, connected to the Internet, and running Netscape or Internet Explorer
  2. Double-click the ws_ftple.exe icon here (If you have trouble try this link.)
  3. In the Save As or Download dialog box select a folder easy to find such as the Desktop or My Documents
  4. Click on Save
  5. Click on OK if it appears
  6. Close your Browser
  7. Find the program you downloaded (In the folder you chose to save it in)
  8. Double click on it
  9. Select Install, Student, At school, Academic work, Accept
  10. Double-click on the icon to start FTP
  11. Enter the hostname (e.g. academic.csub.edu) in the Host Name/Address bar