Connecting to CSUB Connecting to CSUB Resources from Home
Internet TCP/IP connection.
All Computer Science department servers (sleipnir, helios, etc.) and CompSci web resources that can be accessed on campus can be accessed over the Internet at home. The Computer Science Dept does NOT offer Internet access to students.

You should be able to access all CS dept web resources using either Firefox or Microsoft IE. We strongly suggest you download and install Mozilla Firefox. You can download the latest version of Microsoft IE from here.

As a CS student you will be given an email address on sleipnir. You can access mail at this address by logging into sleipnir and using alpine. The CS department does NOT support IMAP or POP3. This means you cannot use a mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
CompSci machines are NOT setup to support anonymous FTP. FTP to and from user accounts on a CS machine such as sleipnir or sumatra is supported by any FTP client (FileZilla, WsFTP, windows FTP, etc.) as long as the client machine has a legitimate Internet IP address and hostname. If this is not the case, FTP is disallowed.

Additional Software
You will also need a terminal emulation sofware package that runs over the Internet (called ssh) to access the CS dept UNIX machines. The ssh application recommended for PCs is PuTTY. Many CS faculty format files as PDF and require Adobe Acrobat to read them.

Downloading and Configuring SSH
Adobe Acrobat Reader