CMPS 490A Senior Project
Section 1 - Winter 2016
Instructor and Contact Information
Instructor: Dr. Melissa Danforth
Office: Sci III 319, 654-3180
Office Hours: MTuWThF 11:30am - 12:30pm and by appointment

Course website: under Teaching menu
Moodle website:

Course meets Mondays 5:15 to 7:45pm in Sci III 311

Catalog Description
CMPS 490A - Senior Project (3)
After consultation with the faculty supervisor and investigation of relevant literature, the student(s) shall prepare a substantial project with significance in the designated area. The timeline, teamwork responsibilities, milestones, and presentation(s) will be scheduled. Prerequisites: At least 20 units of 300- or 400-level CMPS courses.
Prerequisites by Topic
Completion of multiple upper-division CMPS courses
Units and Contact Time
3 quarter units. 3 units lecture (150 minutes).
Required for CS.
Required Textbook
Recommended Textbook and Other Supplemental Materials
Huaqing Wang
Student Learning Outcomes
CMPS 490A is the first part of 2-quarter senior programming project sequence, and will complete the problem analysis and project design part; emphasizing problem analysis and applying the knowledge of computer science areas to design solutions. In this course, students will do the following:

Specific requirements for this course are:

At the end of the 2-quarter sequence, students will present the final project implementation to the class, submit a final written report, and complete evaluations of team members.
ABET Outcome Coverage
The course maps to the following performance indicators for Computer Science (CAC/ABET):
3b. An ability to analyze a problem, and identify and define the computing i requirements and specifications appropriate to its solution.
3c. An ability to design, implement and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs.
3d. An ability to function e?ectively on teams to accomplish a common goal.
3h. Recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in continuing professional development.
3k. An ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of software systems of varying complexity.
Class Schedule
Since this is a very large class, teams will be broken into two groups: Group A and Group B. On presentation weeks, only teams from the scheduled group will present. So each week, about half of the class will present.

Please be present in class when it is NOT your team's week to present, as feedback from class participants is part of the project development process.

Week 1 Monday January 4th Class Overview and Begin Team Selections
Week 2 Monday January 11th Finalize Team Selections and Begin Problem Selection
Week 2 Friday January 15th Submit Team Information to Instructor
Week 3 Monday January 18th Holiday - Campus Closed
Week 3 Friday January 22nd Project Proposal Paper due from All Teams
Week 4 Monday January 25th Group A Presentations on Project Proposal
Week 5 Monday February 1st Group B Presentations on Project Proposal
Week 6 Monday February 8th Group A Progress Presentations
Week 7 Monday February 15th Group B Progress Presentations
Week 8 Monday February 22nd Group A Progress Presentations
Week 9 Monday February 29th Group B Progress Presentations
Week 10 Monday March 7th All Groups - Troubleshooting and Discussions
Week 11 Monday March 14th Last Day of Class: Group A End of Term Status Presentations
Week 11 Friday March 18th Final Exam Time: Group B End of Term Status Presentations
Week 11 Friday March 18th Project Progress Report due from All Teams
Computer Labs Outside of Class
The CEE/CS Tutoring Center in Sci III 324 is available for use by students in this course outside of class time on a first come, first serve basis. Priority in the lab is given to students who are completing assignments for CEE/CS courses. See the schedule on the door for hours the lab will be open.

There are also computers available in the CEE/CS Major Study Lounge in Sci III 341 (formerly the CEE/CS Library). This room is only open when faculty members are on campus, e.g. approximately 8am to 5pm on weekdays. If the door is currently locked, see Steve, Erika, myself, or another faculty member to unlock it.

Project Proposal25% (team report)
Presentations40% (based on individual presentations during team presentations)
Project Progress Report30% (20% team report, 10% for individual code diary)
Teamwork and Participation5%

Grades are posted on Moodle. Note: Moodle shows your "current" overall class percentage based off the classwork graded to-date. This will update as every grade posts.

It is your responsibility to check Moodle for grades and any comments on assignments. If you believe you submitted your assignment on time but the comment field says "assignment not submitted", contact the instructor.

Project Proposal
The proposal should clearly state what is the chosen project and the goals the team has for the project (see notes above). One proposal will be submitted by each team on Moodle.
Students will be expected to give regular oral presentations to the class throughout the quarter. Students will be graded individually based on their part of the team presentation. A presentation rubric will be posted on Moodle, although progress presentations will not always have all the features listed on the rubric. The end of term presentation should follow most of the features listed on the rubric however.
Progress Report
The progress report is due at the end of Winter term and should summarize where the team is on the project (see notes above). The progress report contains a team report section and individual code diaries. Every student's grade for the progress report will be based on both. The progress report will be submitted on Moodle.
Code Diaries
Every student should maintain a code diary while working on their portion of the project. This diary should contain the highlights of the research, coding, and troubleshooting done during the term, but does not need to go into deep detail.
Teamwork and Participation
This portion of your grade will be based on your attendance on weeks when your team is NOT presenting, on your completion of a teamwork evaluation form, and on your participation in the team.
Final Exam
There is no final exam for this class. Your end of term presentation and project progress report takes the place of the final exam. However, Group B teams will use the final exam time to give their end of term presentations. The presentation time will be Friday March 18th from 5:00 - 7:30pm.

If you have a class conflict with this time, please let the instructor know by the end of Week 2, when teams will be assigned into Group A or Group B. If anything unexpected comes up for teams in Group B, let the instructor know as soon as possible and we can see if a team from Group A will be willing to swap time slots.
Prepared By
Melissa Danforth on January 3, 2016
Effective Winter 2016