Dr. Melissa Danforth

Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
California State University, Bakersfield

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CMPS 376 Computer Networks - Sections 1 and 2 - Fall 2014
Course meets MW 3:15-4:55pm and Tu 3:15-5:45pm in Sci III 315
Course Description
A study of computer networks focusing on the TCP/IP Internet protocols and covering in detail the four layers: physical, data link, network, and transport. This course includes a laboratory in which students will cover important network utilities, debugging tools, process and thread control as it relates to network programming, and the coding of programs which do interprocess communication over sockets. The typical Internet client program which accesses a TCP network server daemon will be covered in detail.
Course Notes
The lectures will focus extensively on the theory of networking and the details of several popular networking protocols (e.g. Ethernet, 802.11, TCP/IP, etc). The theory has a strong mathematics component, particularly for calculating probabilities of events. A brief background of probabilty and statistical methods will be presented in class for students who have not taken the probability course in Mathematics.
CMPS 223 with a grade of C- or better
ACM/IEEE Body of Knowledge Topics
CC-NC1: Introduction to net-centric computing
CC-NC2: Communication and networking
CC-NC3: Network security
CC-NC4: The web as an example of client-server computing
You may use either the 4th or 5th edition of the textbook. The 5th edition has information on newer networking protocols (802.11n, 10GB Ethernet, etc)

4th edition: Computer Networks, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-066102-3.

5th edition: Computer Networks, Andrew S. Tanenbaum and David Wetherall, Prentice Hall, ISBN-13 978-0-13-212695-3.

Moodle Link
The direct link to the course on Moodle is https://moodle.cs.csub.edu/moodle/course/view.php?id=84