Dr. Melissa Danforth

Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
California State University, Bakersfield

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Introduction to Digital Forensics CMPS 340 - Winter 2011
Course meets MWF 3:10-4:25pm and Tu 3:10-5:40pm in Sci III 315
Course Description
This course is an introduction to digital forensic science for Computer Science and Criminal Justice majors and law enforcement professionals. CMPS 340 is an elective in the Computer Information Track leading to a B.S. degree in Computer Science.

The focus of the course is on the investigation, analysis and response to computer crime incidents. Major topics include relevant electronic evidence, probable cause, limits of warrants, chain of custody, the forensics investigation process, and forensics tools within the context of digital information. Through hands-on case studies, students will learn how to gather court admissible evidence and to reconstruct criminally liable actions using a variety of digital forensic tools. The lecture component of the course will cover the legal and ethical implications of investigation, including surveillance and wiretapping issues. Lectures may include guest speakers from local law enforcement agencies.

No classes are prerequisites for this course. A strong working knowledge of how to install, configure, use and troubleshoot Windows and/or Unix software will be beneficial.
Recommended Co-course
Several labs will involve Unix. It is strongly recommended that you take CMPS 150, a 1-unit course on Unix offered during the first week of the quarter. This course is CR/NC and will walk you through the basics of Unix.
Incident Response and Computer Forensics, Second Edition by Chris Prosise, Kevin Mandia, and Matt Pepe; McGraw-Hill; ISBN-10: 007222696X ; ISBN-13: 978-0072226966
Course Assignments and Material
Course assignments and material can be accessed at the Moodle site for this course http://moodle.cs.csubak.edu/moodle/course/view.php?id=36