About Me:

My Name is Jason Forsythe and I was a student at CSUB just like you! I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Information Systems. Since then I have been working as an Information Specialist for a large energy company here in Bakersfield. When I received the call to come back to CSUB and teach programming in the evening I jumped at the opportunity! I am glad to be here and I hope you will be glad you signed up for my class.


If you would like to use Discord to talk with peers or ask questions use this link to join in CSUBJava please do not post code for the assignments just general questions. If you have a specific code related question please email me via Jason@csubak.edu

Helpful alias to put in your .bashrc file



Class Starts 01/23/2018
Setup Windows Java Environment

SCP info
Java Tutorial / Basics
Oracle Library
For Chat Remove Package Name!