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CMPS-2020 "Programming II: Data Structures and Algorithms"
Fall 2017   #82476

some homework <--- is posted there


Most students need to read chapters 14, 15.
work on assignments that you have not completed

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Week Topic Readings Assignments
1 Syllabus
Review of 2010 course
Gaddis 1 - 13
2 Classes, access, constructors
Memberwise copy
Cstrings vs string class
Cstring pointers
Gaddis 14, 15
lab-1 comments
homework-1 comments
3 Inheritance
Base class
Constructor, destructor
Gaddis chapter 15
4 Polymorphism
Virtual member functions
Base class pointers
5 Exceptions, try catch block
Templates, functions and classes
6 Review of Object oriented
7 Prepare for algorithms
Searching and sorting
Quadratic sorting algorithms
8 Linked list
Single and double
Nodes and operations
9 Stack
Array-based lists
10 Binary trees and the BST
Tree traversals
11 Hashing and hash tables
Hash functions
Collision resolution
Perfect hash table
12 Divide and conquer
Mergesort, Quicksort
Algorithm efficiency
Big-O notation
13 Recursion
Review of algorithms
14 Heap
Heap operations
Priority queue
15 Heapsort
Additional algorithms
Final Exam: TBD